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The FaithInspiration Project will inspire you to do more for God by Living Your Faith Out Loud. The 33 project partners are not just saying that they love God, but have translated their love for Him into platforms, projects and efforts outside the walls of the church. They are setting an example of loving God and loving people actively, everyday, uncompromisingly.


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Live Your Faith Out Loud

It’s time to go deeper in your walk of faith. This book will set you on fire for Living Your Faith Out Loud every day. Be empowered to greater action by these 33 co-authors who have who become the hands, feet, and mouth of Jesus. Their stories will bring you to your knees, asking God to use you more to encourage, heal, and transform others. Are you ready to overcome whatever has been holding you back?

It's powerful to hear how people, through faith, were able to overcome the most harsh circumstances and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Their testimonies give hope and inspiration to all of us. They illustrate God's love and compassion and remind us that He will guide us to live the life He wants for us, if we only allow Him to.

Karen B.


What if ... 

I have worked in the publishing industry for 30+ years, helping to share the stories and messages of others. With the FaithInspiration Project, I was inspired swim into deeper waters to do something that could have a lasting impact on many people. I honestly can't say I didn't have any fear. If it's a God idea, it will always push you outside your comfort zone. I was inspired by "what if." Not "what if" in a negative sense of what could go wrong; but "what if" a group of God lovers could come together and produce a project that would ping across the globe and compel thousands of others to Live Their Faith Out Loud.

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Meet The Project Partners

These are the people who brought the FaithInspiration Project to you. The have shared their stories, their lives, with you about how they are living their faith out loud in an effort to inspire and empower others to do the same. 

Nicole S. Mason

Dr. Shamara L. Byrd

Regina Addison

Denise Howell

Dr. Valerie Arthur

Dr. Kathy Amos

Becky Farrell

Serene D. Lee

Dr. Sheila E. Sapp

Tamekia Green Judge

Dr. Josephine Harris

Timothy Johnson

Jaime Norwood

Von Griggs-Laws

DeBo'rah Drayton-Ward

Robin Killeen

Dr. LaTracey McDonald

Bryant Lavender

Sherry Seaman

Angela Houston

Latisha Price

Jessica Rankin

Tiffany D. Bell

Jacqueline Thompson

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You, too, can be a part of the FaithInspiration Project. Order books for your church, small group or organization or inquire about sharing your story in the next volume of "Live Your Faith Out Loud."